Our removable, retro-fitted bin is a “key in hand” automated add-on comprised of three compartments holding water, sand, and salt. Designed for contractors who want to effectively dispense anti/de-icers.

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We reduce your salt consumption by using optimization and help protect workers by eliminating user error through the use of real-time environmental parameters to set your dispersal rates.

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UX/UI design with data logging enabled. Real- time sensor tracking, and information storage via a cloud server. This allows municipalities and business owners to monitor their contractors.

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Our currently salty situation.

We have seen from our research that outdated, ineffective, and uncalibrated salt spreading equipment prohibit the operator from effectively controlling the amount of salt being applied.

There is also a lot of pressure for workers to over-salt. This is both driven by constraints for time, as well as from consumers who demand to see salt granules to feel safe and protected.

However, to optimize our current practices, Salt-ed believes that there is no barrier to adaptation when you have a viable solution.

Snow plow removing snow

Together, we can make a difference.

Want to be part of the solution? Help protect our limited supply of freshwater especially from the Great Lakes-St Lawrence region. Let us show you how to be saltstainable.